Sunflower is a yellow flower with lots of tiny petals around a dark center. Sunflowers are beautiful plants which are attributes of the sun in many cultures. Often we can meet this flower in formulas with the image of the god Re. Many people view as a very positive sunflower blossom, which is ...

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Tattoos with knights in many cases can symbolize above all pride, honor and loyalty. It is best known the world over. The Knights were considered noble people who were devoted to his master or the king and ready to sacrifice their lives for the good.

Tattoo knight can also mean:
- ...

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Tattoos with lotus flower are characteristic of many cultures. It was a particularly important flower for ancient Egyptians, an important symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism.
In all these cases, the lotus flower was associated with religious symbols. Therefore, we can often find tattoo designs for ...

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Ladybug tattoo has many positive meanings. This small insect is well known in various cultures and therefore is a popular tattoo design throughout the world.

Ladybird is universally recognized symbol of friendship, because it is a natural helper in the gardens, which works in harmony with ...

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Tattoos with swallows were very popular only among sailors. Usually they tattooed themselves this theme on the neck, chest and hands as a symbol of freedom. Today, the swallow became a popular pattern tattoo, many people are looking for projects with swallows, because they are interesting, ...

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This type of tattoos present tribal patterns, line and patterns of different sizes, which was very famous all over the world. The accurate determination of their significance isn't easy, because what else they symbolized hundreds of years ago.
In ancient tribal tattoo was used to determine the ...

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Tattoos with cats can symbolize independence and freedom. People living the fullness of the heart often choose this theme to emphasize his attitude to life. Also, it's a symbol of both luck and bad luck, it depends of types tattooed design with cat.
In ancient Egypt cat was a symbol of ...

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Tattoos with tigers are one of the most popular motives all over the world for many years. These animals are primarily beautiful and their symbolic meaning further motivates people to tattooing.
The tiger is an animal symbolizing unimaginable strength and power, but also pride, beauty and ...

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Bat as tattoo design can symbolize:
- Illusion
- Rebirth
- The dreams and dreams
- Intuition
- Good communication

Bats are very sensitive to their surroundings and are considered a symbol of intuition, dreams and visions. It is also a symbol of communication, because bats are very social ...

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