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Most popular roses symbolism with classifying them after colours:
*Red roses can have several meanings. Of course, the best known is associated with love, because flower red rose is a symbol of ...
Lily as natural flower is a very spectacular plant with decorative flakes and a fantastic fragrance. Lilies are known in many shapes, colours and sizes. These beautiful flowers are popular all ...
Daisies are beautiful flowers and unique designs of tattoos that fell in love many people. Generally, the most popular colour this little flower is white. Small flakes in a large quantity are set ...
Sunflower is a yellow flower with lots of tiny petals around a dark center. Sunflowers are beautiful plants which are attributes of the sun in many cultures. Often we can meet this flower in ...
Orchids as a tattoo design is one of the most beautiful floral motifs. They look great in almost every part of the body, in both color and black version. Many people do not know is that these ...
Lily of the valley is a very attractive plant visually, therefore, is increasingly being chosen pattern for a tattoo. This unusual flower, whose inflorescence are tiny white bells perfectly ...

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30.10.2017, 16:14

cool drawings Dragon09 loves them »
18.04.2016, 12:06

So beautiful tattoo. I love roses, red look the best. »
24.02.2016, 05:59

Great :D »
16.09.2015, 10:05

Beautiful girl with nice tattoo :) »
10.09.2015, 13:14

awful »
8.09.2015, 15:48

Who did it? »
4.09.2015, 14:31

OMG - awesome. I want! »
5.05.2015, 12:03

It look very interesting »
30.04.2015, 13:49

Nice tattoo. Very interesting project, who did it? »
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