Tattoos with lizards can have symbolic value. This animal theme in tattoos may represent several important meanings. Often people equate your personality with the character of a lizard. Tattoos with lizards can symbolize:
- Escape
- Trouble
- Evil
- Renewal
- Eternity
- Mobility

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The horse is a universal symbol of strength. These animals are the object of fascination for many people, so we can meet the horses tattooed on the bodies of their followers. Tattoo with the horse symbolizes loyalty, independence, beauty, and so the same positive qualities.

The horse is also ...

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Tattoos with cats can symbolize independence and freedom. People living the fullness of the heart often choose this theme to emphasize his attitude to life. Also, it's a symbol of both luck and bad luck, it depends of types tattooed design with cat.
In ancient Egypt cat was a symbol of ...

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Tattoos with tigers are one of the most popular motives all over the world for many years. These animals are primarily beautiful and their symbolic meaning further motivates people to tattooing.
The tiger is an animal symbolizing unimaginable strength and power, but also pride, beauty and ...

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Bat as tattoo design can symbolize:
- Illusion
- Rebirth
- The dreams and dreams
- Intuition
- Good communication

Bats are very sensitive to their surroundings and are considered a symbol of intuition, dreams and visions. It is also a symbol of communication, because bats are very social ...

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The snake has a symbolic meaning in different cultures. This motive is a one of the most popular designs in tattoos. The most common tattoos of snakes can mean:

- Rebirth
- Patience
- Eternity
- Balance
- Subterfuge
- Intuition
- Awareness
- Intellect
- Protection
- Res
- Change
- ...

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Dolphin tattoos are very popular among both sexes. Tattoos performed in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles for different parts of the body.
Often, this motive is associated with other designs such like flowers, stars, or waves. Most people choose this design on first tattoo general for its ...

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