Biomechanics is one of the most interesting patterns in tattoos, which appeared in the eighties of the twentieth century. Biomechanical tattoos are becoming more popular by the day, thanks to the fantastic patterns. These formulas combine elements of electronic, mechanical, sometimes alien ...

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The star is a luminous point in the dark. In general, the star is considered a symbol of truth, spirit and hope.
Star symbol in tattoos this concept of holy spark within each of us. The stars symbolize the mystery and fight the forces of evil.
Star tattoos represent for many people an ...

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Tattoos with cards as well as with other elements of gambling are many individual meanings.
First of all tattoos cards can symbolize love for gambling or other card games. Through the cards, however, can be symbolized few things.

As a tattoo design chosen are various cards. One of the most ...

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Themes with sailor still are popular not only among sailors. People willing to tattoo themselves anchors, ships and other maritime attributes mainly due to their deep meaning.

The most popular model is the anchor. Once a tattoo of an anchor was only a symbol of love into open waters. ...

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Theme of ship in tattoos is known to many people, but their significance is not necessarily. The most common meanings are:
- A new beginning
- Happiness
- Use of life
- Honor
- Courage
- The difficult past

Often the tattoo designs of the boats are combined with motives such as swords, ...

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Musical themes are becoming increasingly frequent in projects tattoos, mainly due to their interesting appearance. In addition, music is for many of us the utmost importance in life, so they decide to perform tattoos with notes and treble clef. These tattoos can symbolize:
- The joy of life
- ...

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This type of tattoos present tribal patterns, line and patterns of different sizes, which was very famous all over the world. The accurate determination of their significance isn't easy, because what else they symbolized hundreds of years ago.
In ancient tribal tattoo was used to determine the ...

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Often we hear that eye is window of our soul. So it isn't news that symbolic meanings of tatttoo with eyes is associated with spiritual things. Eyes as tattoo design are symbol of protection of life, good sense and harmony.

Popular meaning of tattoo with eyes:
- Vision
- Presence
- ...

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Tattoos of motorization are often choose by people who loves cars and who are passionate about motorcycles. Their bodies are decorated with various tattoos, for example many types of vehicles and their components. This type of tattoo haven't one meaning, in many cases symbolism of tattoo with ...

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