Peacock is determined by way of a royal bird, so all the importance of this theme associated with elegance and wealth. Its beautiful plumage and dignified appearance made people around him reverence centuries ago. This bird was very important in India, Persia and Babylonia.

Peacock can have ...

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Basically owls are referred to as solitary animals sometimes are also called peculiar hunters who work only at night. Despite these terms, it doesn't mean that the owl is a symbol of the negative. But this bird is considered a sign of intelligence. In many old stories owl is portrayed as the ...

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It is well known that the dove is a symbol of peace. In the Bible, this bird was defined as evidence of hope. What's more, it is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. In China, pigeons are the symbol of Mother Earth, so it has associated these birds with symbols of fertility and longevity.

Dove as a ...

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The most common tattoos with parrots perform people fascinated by the beauty of these birds as well as supporters of tropical motives. This extremely colourful bird looks very decoratively as a larger tattoo on the back or hands. Parrot plumage colour isn't random, this detail is linked with our ...

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Tattoos with swallows were very popular only among sailors. Usually they tattooed themselves this theme on the neck, chest and hands as a symbol of freedom. Today, the swallow became a popular pattern tattoo, many people are looking for projects with swallows, because they are interesting, ...

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Eagles are unusual birds. Worldwide eagle is seen as a symbol of freedom and independence. These animals are very majestic, but may have to look for a predatory nature. Tattoos with eagle are good for people who don't like borders and want to show their own free and independent nature.

Tattoo ...

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