Angels are commonly known as a spiritual being without a body. This figure is known in many religions and cultures. Theme of the angels is also one of the popular themes in tattoos too. Read the following information about the symbolism and significance of angels.

Tattoos of angels due to the ...

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Tattoos with dragons represent a huge number of meanings mainly symbolize the important character traits as well as feelings. The most famous symbol of the dragon tattoo is the strength, the next may be courage and fortitude.
Dragons are also messengers of magic, mysterious animals acting as ...

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Monsters are scary creatures that quite often we can meet in tattoos. The most common designs of tattoos are familiar characters from the underworld, sea creatures from legends and stories and invented monsters of sci-fi movies.

In general, the monsters symbolize the individual values for ...

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Tattoos with knights in many cases can symbolize above all pride, honor and loyalty. It is best known the world over. The Knights were considered noble people who were devoted to his master or the king and ready to sacrifice their lives for the good.

Tattoo knight can also mean:
- ...

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Tattoos with robots have many common features with biomechanical tattoos and their meaning isn't very specific. The most popular symbol of the robot is artificial intelligence.
Other values include:
- Creativity,
- Reliability
- No feelings
- Monotony and routine in action

Each tattoo ...

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