Meanings of tattoos with lilies

Lily as natural flower is a very spectacular plant with decorative flakes and a fantastic fragrance. Lilies are known in many shapes, colours and sizes. These beautiful flowers are popular all over the world, we can meet in nature, in gardens and flower shops as well as the bodies of other people, because this is an interesting tattoo design. These flowers tattoos have significant meaning, which change with the passing years.
A very popular tattoo motif is the Easter lily, which has mainly religious symbolism and is associated with the Virgin Mary. This attribute symbolizing hope and peace. Overall lilies tattoos are associated with female sexuality. It should be noted, however, that different colors can have a different meaning. Below are some examples:
- White lily is a symbol of innocence, modesty and purity.
- Yellow lily is a symbol of a happy and positive energy, joy and fun.
- Pink lily may symbolize youth and joy
- Orange lily looks perhaps best symbolizes the excitement

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