Many people think that a tattoo with spider has only a negative meaning. They are wrong, tattoos with spiders, in principle, can symbolize:
- Fear
- Death
- Hatred
- prison
- Despair
- Cunning
but also they have some positive meanings such as:
- Perseverance
- Happiness
- Life
- ...

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Ladybug tattoo has many positive meanings. This small insect is well known in various cultures and therefore is a popular tattoo design throughout the world.

Ladybird is universally recognized symbol of friendship, because it is a natural helper in the gardens, which works in harmony with ...

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Flies in the culture of the East are considered a symbol of constantly wandering lost soul. In many cases, the flies associated with the disease, death and the devil. Myths say that the demons of the disease took on the form of flies.
General, fly symbolizes the plague, illness, irritation, ...

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The meanings of the butterfly tattoos are associated with spirituality and life. According to Greek culture, the butterfly symbolizes the journey of the soul, which dies and reborn again.
It's also known that butterfly starts its life as a caterpillar that turns into a beautiful butterfly. So ...

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