Musical themes are becoming increasingly frequent in projects tattoos, mainly due to their interesting appearance. In addition, music is for many of us the utmost importance in life, so they decide to perform tattoos with notes and treble clef. These tattoos can symbolize:
- The joy of life
- ...

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Tattoos with lotus flower are characteristic of many cultures. It was a particularly important flower for ancient Egyptians, an important symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism.
In all these cases, the lotus flower was associated with religious symbols. Therefore, we can often find tattoo designs for ...

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The most common tattoos with parrots perform people fascinated by the beauty of these birds as well as supporters of tropical motives. This extremely colourful bird looks very decoratively as a larger tattoo on the back or hands. Parrot plumage colour isn't random, this detail is linked with our ...

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Many people think that a tattoo with spider has only a negative meaning. They are wrong, tattoos with spiders, in principle, can symbolize:
- Fear
- Death
- Hatred
- prison
- Despair
- Cunning
but also they have some positive meanings such as:
- Perseverance
- Happiness
- Life
- ...

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Ladybug tattoo has many positive meanings. This small insect is well known in various cultures and therefore is a popular tattoo design throughout the world.

Ladybird is universally recognized symbol of friendship, because it is a natural helper in the gardens, which works in harmony with ...

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Tattoos with swallows were very popular only among sailors. Usually they tattooed themselves this theme on the neck, chest and hands as a symbol of freedom. Today, the swallow became a popular pattern tattoo, many people are looking for projects with swallows, because they are interesting, ...

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Peonies are motives known in many cultures of the world. Many meanings come even from antiquity, for example, in China peony is the national flower, the Chinese people themselves also willing to tattoo design. This is due above all to its deep meaning.

The peony tattoos are a symbol of ...

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Tattoos with robots have many common features with biomechanical tattoos and their meaning isn't very specific. The most popular symbol of the robot is artificial intelligence.
Other values include:
- Creativity,
- Reliability
- No feelings
- Monotony and routine in action

Each tattoo ...

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Eagles are unusual birds. Worldwide eagle is seen as a symbol of freedom and independence. These animals are very majestic, but may have to look for a predatory nature. Tattoos with eagle are good for people who don't like borders and want to show their own free and independent nature.

Tattoo ...

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