The meanings of the butterfly tattoos are associated with spirituality and life. According to Greek culture, the butterfly symbolizes the journey of the soul, which dies and reborn again.
It's also known that butterfly starts its life as a caterpillar that turns into a beautiful butterfly. So ...

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The skulls are a symbol of death and decay in many cultures. However, this isn't only meaning.
Skull tattoos are particularly interesting motive, because they express many things that do not even suspect. Can symbolize protection, power, strength or overcoming obstacles.

This theme ...

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Tattoos expressing the feeling of the love are very popular, especially among women. We often see people with heart tattoo, but don't realize that its meaning can be very individual.

Generally tattoos with hearts are a symbol of love, passion and adoration. However, remember that the meaning ...

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The snake has a symbolic meaning in different cultures. This motive is a one of the most popular designs in tattoos. The most common tattoos of snakes can mean:

- Rebirth
- Patience
- Eternity
- Balance
- Subterfuge
- Intuition
- Awareness
- Intellect
- Protection
- Res
- Change
- ...

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Dolphin tattoos are very popular among both sexes. Tattoos performed in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles for different parts of the body.
Often, this motive is associated with other designs such like flowers, stars, or waves. Most people choose this design on first tattoo general for its ...

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Tattoos in the form of inscriptions is a common theme. People often tattooing important to them maxims, thoughts or single words. This also applies to tattoos with names. Tattoos with names performs many people. The symbolism of tattoo depends on the beliefs and motives that person that chooses ...

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